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Guatemala, “The Place of Many Trees” is not only known for its lush landscapes and wilderness. For well-accustomed travelers and locals, it’s also a place of color, sunshine, magical ruins, and stunning colonial architecture

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We’ve used our extensive experience and knowledge to hand-pick the most beautiful and interesting opportunities and activities Guatemala has to offer – just for you! 

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Guatemala City is an urban metropolis with a perfect fusion of traditional culture and modern vitality you won’t find elsewhere. Spanish Catholic colonial influence merges with indigenous Mayan heritage to display stunning architecture in churches and landmarks. The stunning modern buildings and vibrant energy make Guatemala City a shopping and dining paradise.



The laid-back yet bustling town of Chichicastenango radiates the Mayans’ cultural heritage through red roof homes and quaint cobblestone streets. Chichicastenango is a must-visit for those looking to understand and truly experience the roots of Guatemalan culture instead of just brushing the surface.



Lake Atitlan is another of Guatemala’s gems due to its sleepy Mayan villages surrounded by mystical mountains and volcanoes. Perfect weather and cool waters in Lake Atitlan make for a nice break from the hot sun – and the perfect destination for your favorite water sport! The awe-inspiring Lake Atitlan might just change your outlook on life.



It’s hard to match the overwhelming beauty of Antigua – both on the outside and inside. For hikers, explorers, photographers,
or simple visitors, this destination has excellence at every turn: colonial ruins, cobblestone streets, churches, and a stellar landscape. The hospitality in Antigua is second to none.
That's why this town is known world-wide for its fine dining and nightlife opportunities.



Push your own limits and become one with nature at Tikal National Park and its archeological sites. Anyone looking to escape from the rest of the world for a while will enjoy everything Tikal has to offer. Adventure awaits you at one of the country’s oldest Mayan sites with civilization dating back to the sixth century BC.


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