Our Guests Testimonials



April, 2018

My wife wanted to visit Guatemala for our anniversary, but I didn’t know anything about it. We Go Guatemala helped me plan a trip I knew my wife would love.


April, 2018

My husband talked me into this trip and I’m glad we came. He also talked me into ziplining while we were there, and I love it. I had a great time walking through the colonial architecture in Antigua while sipping a cup of the best coffee I’ve ever had.


February, 2018

I was worried it would be hard to plan my itinerary. I don’t like hikes or rock climbing – who wants to work on their vacation?! We Go Guatemala helped me find all the best accommodations, food, and WINE so I could relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


February, 2018

I had no idea Guatemala was such a beautiful country with so much to enjoy. I loved that we didn’t miss the opportunity to visit Tikal National Park, I wouldn’t suggest anyone to skip it.


February, 2018

I just wish I didn’t have to leave so soon. I could lounge next to Lake Atitlan with a good book for the rest of my life. Thank you for being such amazing tour operators – I can’t wait to tell my friends and family about this amazing destination.

Jonathan and Jennifer

January, 2018

We Go Guatemala went above and beyond to find us all the local sights off the beaten path that we would have had no way of finding on our own. They were a breeze to work with and they packed our itinerary with tons of activities. I loved that we could add extensions to our trip because I would suggest that everyone visit Tikal National Park during their lifetime - the Mayan pyramids were amazing.


November, 2017

My friends and I used We Go Guatemala for our Guatemalan vacation and I’m glad we did. Not only did they get us in a great hotel within our price range, but they took us on a tour of Guatemala’s most authentic eateries, most of which we probably would have never known about otherwise.


November, 2017

“We Go Guatemala took all of the stress out of my vacation planning. Usually, even the nicest trips are weighted down by having to plan them out, but they did all that for me. Plus, if you schedule your own vacation, you’ll probably miss something, but We Go Guatemala’s expert guides make sure you see the best Guatemala has to offer.”


October, 2017

I’ve been to many different countries, but my trip to Guatemala was one of my best experiences. This is due in no small part to the organizers, who structured my trip specifically to me and my family’s needs. My mother had always wanted to see Lake Atitlan and they made sure we got there with no issues.